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My favorite Feature? Opps Data Marketplace

One of my favorite features of Opps is the new Data Marketplace. Find curated speciality lists of target B2B or Investor Contacts

One of my favorite features of Opps is the new Data Marketplace.

What is a data marketplace?

This is where you can find prebuilt data sets for your outreach campaigns.

These are niche lists that have already been built and verified.

For example

  • Want to sell to funded startups? Grab a list of 867 companies funded by a16z
  • Do you sell HR Tech? Grab a list of 12k CHROs and CPOs
  • Want to sell to high-growth companies? Grab a list of companies on the Inc 5000
  • Need Investors? Grab a list of 9k software and SaaS investors.

All of the records have the 

  • Company
  • First and Last name of a primary contact 
  • Business Email
  • Most have LinkedIn URL
  • Many have Twitter

Subscribers to Opps.ai can redeem their monthly tokens now for lists or can buy lists for a one time $ amount based upon the number of records.

Don’t see a specialty list you need?

 You can either 

  • use standard search filters to find your data or 
  • request we custom build a list and add it to the marketplace

Examples of requests might be

  • B2B emails of Followers of a specific Twitter account e.g. competitor, influencer
  • Members of a Group or Association
  • Titles in a specific industry e.g. CMOs in the Software Industry

Would love your feedback on the Opps data marketplace.

Let us know a target adience you need 

Comment the word “custom” below and I’ll DM you to build a custom data set.