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"Using Opps, we got our first 3 customers & secured $2.6M in seed investment."
Chris Kane - Chek
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What is Opps.ai?

Opps.ai is a data marketplace.
You can find new lead records for

✅ Cold email outreach
✅ LinkedIn and
✅ Twitter campaigns
& more!

All lists are A.I. curated & Ideal for:

🚀 SaaS
🚀 E-Commerce
🚀 Agencies
🚀 Any Startup looking to grow

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Get highly targeted decision maker information of people ready to buy from you

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Grow your startup with Opps.ai Data

Find Customers & Investors that look like your Ideal Customers

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8 data points per contact
Cold Outreach Academy


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Most records have LinkedIn
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What do other startups think about our community?

Our customers have scaled quickly using Opps

We just secured our first pre-seed investor from an Opps list! He responded to our first email, we set up a Zoom call and the rest happened quickly from there. The whole process was faster than I anticipated it to be and I am so grateful for the contact.

Chris kane
Founder, Chek

Using Opps was super helpful in getting us our first few customers. We loaded up their leads into a template they provided and we got a bunch of meetings. Great support from the team and have learned a lot just from being a part of the community.

Vincent Scafaria
CEO & Founder, DotAlign

My favorite thing about Opps was just the high level support and community benefits. We were able to network with so many good people who ended up opening doors for us and getting us our biggest enterprise customers! The team also crafted us excellent email templates we still use to book meetings. Excited to see what the team has in store next.

Danielle Murcray
Founder, AttackIQ

You have so much to worry about and juggle when you’re just starting out, and it’s surprisingly easy to overlook the most important part: getting clients. Opps helped bring that to the forefront and instilled urgency in us to get sales. We got our first deal through the platform and it has jump started our success.

Mark Gunton
Cofounder & COO, TradeSun

We had no idea really how to generate leads or find investors when we started out, we just had an idea we loved! We got into our first few stores from contacts on an Opps list and in our 2nd month, we found an amazing investor who ended up investing in us. It was the best feeling ever. We are now going strong and I have to credit Opps for providing that boost out of the gate. This is a no brainer for anyone in a startup

Heather Scholten
Cofounder, Spiceology

Customers ask, we answer

Why should I subscribe to Opps?

90% of startups that get funding have revenue and 75% of startups that succeed are funded. You need both and you need them done at the same time.

Opps.ai gives everything you need in one platform. Find data on Investors and Customers you can use in Cold Email outreach, LinkedIn outreach and Twitter growth campaigns.

What is the source of your information?

Our lists are a proprietary blend of publicly available information of over 500 data points, then combined with A.I.curated email, LinkedIn and Twitter data sets.

What can I do with Opps?

There are two key things you can do with your lists:

1. Use your highly targeted B2B leads to find new customers

2. Find investors and raise capital

What’s the best way to do outreach?

Cold email, LinkedIn messaging and Twitter DM campaigns.

We recommend utilizing at least email and LinkedIn in your outreach.

Why should I get the lists from Opps vs another source?

For a few key reasons, such as:

1) We focus on Funded Startup Data. You want to sell to companies with money and who need resource help e.g. growing so they need services, SaaS etc

2) High growth companies in industries like SaaS, e-commerce that you cannot find in SIC or NACIS code searches.

3) Investor data on Venture Capitalists, Angels and Accelerators investing in the next generation of founder lead businesses.

4) Marketplace of curated and unique data sets

Can I cancel anytime?

100%. There are no long term contracts and you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

How soon will I get my first lists?

When you subscribe and find records you like, you can download the records immediately.

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