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How can you your custom lists?

1. Create robust outreach campaigns to find new customers and investors for your startup.

2. Use all the data provided in your curated list to reach prospects on LinkedIn and through cold calls.

tips for cold email

Follow these best practices to increase deliverability and conversions

  •  Never use your primary domain to send cold email
    Instead use multiple lookalike domains to encourage high deliverability, allow large volumes of outreach, and protect your primary domain.

  • Create a 3, 4, or 5 step email sequence spread out over a 3-5 weeks
    Cold email is all about timing, and just because they did not open the first email, does not mean they are not interested - they may have just missed the email! Using a multi-step email sequence over a few weeks should increase your open and conversion rates.

  • Be Conversational - Not Salesy
    Create an intriguing approach to your company introduction and build a friendly relationship - try not to request to much information, a meeting, or a purchase. Try to generate interest and spark a conversation: "Are you interested in learning more about X?"

  • Personalize the messaging
    Personalization really makes a difference for conversion rates. It's important to make the messaging extremely relevant to them to draw interest. This way, there's a good chance they'll actually like getting your email as you're bringing something to them they'll be interested in.

  • Provide an Opt-Out Link
    Cold email is a great way to scale your business, however always remember to provide an opt out link / way for them to easily unsubscribe.

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