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"Using MailDrop, we’ve increased sales by $10K every month . That's 10,500% ROI."
Tim Haverstraw - CEO of Factor


Online Communities
Mobile Apps
Consumer Services
Crypto & NFT

What is the Monthly MailDrop?

Monthly MailDrop is the best way to generate new audiences and gain new customers. Sit back and let us deliver a fresh list with thousands of potential new customers every single week.

Send me monthly emails

Huge Traffic Boost

Integrate elements and create a landing page in a matter of minutes.

Grow Your Newsletter

Boost your newsletter overnight with real, opt in subscribers. Use cold email to drive warm lists.

Gain New Customers

Gain instant targeted traffic to your site through friendly outreach or paid lookalike audiences

Delivering Weekly Power

Receive emails from relevant accounts, keywords and hashtags to your brand

Hyper Targeted
Double Verified - 98% Valid Emails
Fully Cleaned and Prepped for all uses
Submit custom hashtags, accounts or keywords
build your database of targeted customers

How to get your maildrop

1. Fill out the form & subscribe

2. Sit back & wait for leads

3. Gain traffic, subscribers & customers 

Choose the plan that works for you best and then fill out the business information form, so we know exactly what leads to fetch for you.

Your 1st mail drop will be 5 days from when you sign up, then on the 1st and 15th of every month. Receive 2 new lists every single month.

Once you receive your first targeted email list, start direct outreach for more traffic, subscribers & customers.

Our lists convert at a 5x higher and cheaper rate than Facebook and Google Ads.


A simple and cost-effective way to find new customers

To boost your subscribers & customers

Use low-cost email outreach to onboard new subscribers & customers that will be happy to hear from you.

Stop spending so much on paid ads

It’s been very hard to find the emails of people in your exact audience… until now. These consumers are actively looking for your kinds of products & services. Do them a favor by introducing your brand.

And let us do the hard work

We do the heavy lifting - finding, collecting, cleaning, and verifying all data & emails we collect. Handing you a fully clean, ready-to-use list of people with a high probability of converting.

Pricing plans for your hyper growth





For those just starting, looking for consistent traffic and a strong foundation of leads
2,500 Verified Emails
2 Lists Delivered Bi-Weekly
6-7 data points per contact
Save with annual billing




For those just starting, looking for consistent traffic and a strong foundation of leads
5,000 Verified Emails
2 Lists Delivered Bi-Weekly
6-7 data points per contact
Save with annual billing




For brands and entrepreneurs looking to gain market share and scale quickly.
20,000 Verified Emails
2 Lists Delivered Bi-Weekly
6-7 data points per contact
Save with annual billing
customer stories

What do other brands think about our service?

Our customers have generated millions of dollars using our MailDrops

We've doubled our customer base on our eComm shop in 2.5 months using our monthly lists in cold email campaigns. For $75/mo, these targeted lead lists at MailDrop have been an absolute game changer for our sales and marketing team.

brEt Holland
Senior Sales Manager, SportsLoft

Cold email is now a core acquisition strategy for our mobile app. I've manually grabbed prospect information from social media and purchased lists - it's never worked at scale. In 2 months with MailDrop, we've added 200+ users to our mobile app, driving revenue up by 1200%.

jason mckibbon
Growth Strategy, MapMe

Our online community of certified registered nurses has grown from 800 to 4,700 in less than 6 months with MailDrop. We're using their system to reach out to anyone who posts with relevant hashtags, and it's been such an amazing tool. Thank you, MailDrop!!!

Sara Raymond
Registered Nurse,

It's hard to compete in the NFT space and scale with so many similar projects popping up. We found MailDrop and started reaching out to anyone who followed Instagram accounts like @nft_nyc and @cryptopunks. In the first 2 months, our whitelist quadrupled in size. 100% going to use this for all future projects.

Michael levine
Marketing Lead, NFTEAM

Customers ask, we answer

Why should I subscribe to Maildrop?

It's super easy to buy a cheap list with thousands of leads and run outreach campaigns.  

However, be prepared for wrong or oversaturated contact information, bouncing emails  (damaging your domain reputation), and angry responses from people that have already been spammed to death.

MailDrop.AI focuses on both quality AND quantity. We collect all our data by using incredibly targeted social media intent data. Every client receives unique lists, so that you won't be reaching out to over-emailed contacts.

For that reason, your input is what matters. You know your market, customer profile, their interests, and your direct & indirect competitors.

MailDrop works with you to get in front of the right people.

What is the source of your information?

All data points in our lists, including emails, are publicly available and not the result of some database hack, leak or any other illegal activity.

What that means is every data point and email is verified using our proprietary verification systems at MailDrop.

Our largest source of emails is Instagram, collecting the emails of those who follow related accounts and hashtags, but we also have the capability to scrape Twitter, FaceBook, and TikTok based on Keywords, Hashtags, and Groups.

What can I do with the drops?

There are two key things you can do with every list:

1. Create more robust ads campaigns using social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Such platforms allow you to upload custom CSV lists to use for targeting in your campaigns. Creating custom and lookalike audiences with our lists is more efficient than starting with those platforms’ native cold interests/audiences. This would have you see a return-on-ad-spend boost immediately for using your current ads. This process will also give you a competitive advantage over your competition, who are likely doing more broad wider interests (more difficult and expensive to convert).

2. Reach your list directly through cold email campaigns:

Using our software & email campaign solution, you can create and launch daily branded cold email campaigns.We offer monthly packages with varying levels of sending volume across THREE and SIX months. As a result, we achieve incredibly high inbox deliverability (no spam boxes) when sending directly to interested consumers to educate them about your brand, mission, and offerings.

Can I really email these people? They haven’t opted in.

Absolutely —a few things to know about cold email.

First off - you do NOT need permission or someone's ok to cold email them (it's 100% legal) - provided a few key things...

1) You always provide an opt out link / way for them to easily unsubscribe (similar to what I did on the first email I sent you above).

2) You always make it as personalized and relevant to them as possible. This way, there's a good chance they'll actually like getting your email as you're bringing something to them they'll be interested in. With the targeted way we get these emails, that obviously won't be a problem.

3) Never ask for any personal info or maliciously attempt to get their info.

As long as you do those 3 things, people genuinely do not care at all about getting cold emails. We have been involved in thousands and thousands of cold email campaigns over the years and know this for a fact.

They are already getting them and that's not going to stop, so it's a harmless form of friendly outreach - and a great way to start a relationship with a new customer.

What’s the best, safest way to do outreach?

We built a product that converts online shoppers in real customers in a flash. Yes, we are that good and you will be soon as well.

Can’t I get these leads somewhere else?

While there are other sources for similar lead lists, their email lists are often overused, have low deliverability, and are not nearly as targeted to your product or service.

At MailDrop, we source the latest social media activity to identify those showing interest. We then follow dual-verification processes to ensure your lists have at least 97.5% deliverability and email accuracy.

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely. We are not here to trick you into any additional costs, fees, or long-term contracts. We offer month-to-month plans for our clients to test their email lists before committing to our 12-month discounted subscription.

Who utilizes the Mail Drops?

Our Mail Drops are perfect for any B2C or D2C brand looking to scale. Our existing customers include businesses in eCommerce, online communities, mobile apps, consumer services, cryptocurrency, and NFTs.

Can I get submit my own targeting?

That is correct! By filling out the form, you can provide us with 5-10 relevant accounts, hashtags, and keywords, giving our team a great place to start.

Once those lists are used, you can provide additional resources or let our team of experts generate new sources of relevant data.

How soon will I get my first drop?

Your first Mail Drop will be received within 3-5 days of your submission + subscription.

From then on, every Mail Drop will be received bi-weekly. Each list includes 50% of your monthly total. (e.g. 5,000 monthly leads = 2,500 contact bi-weekly lead lists)

Not sure how to cold email?

Build Your Own Custom Cold Email Engine

Have the team and resources to internally run your own cold email campaigns? Let the inbox deliverability experts set up your cold email infrastructure perfectly, allowing you to focus on campaign creation and results.

Ideal for:

Growth Oriented Marketing Teams
Brands looking for highly-targeted traffic and awareness
Sales Teams Looking to Boost Efforts and Conversions
Any Type of Business looking to add new customers at scale
Custom pricing based on desired monthly volume
one time payment
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